Christmas Card Display

I was SeArChiNg the internet and local stores for something to display my ChRiStMaS cArDs.  I have a little basket for most of the cards, but I wanted something that I could use to display the picture cards that FriEnDs and FaMiLy send of their kids.  Everything I came across was either too small or too expensive.  Not willing to spend $75.00 on the one I really wanted, I decided to MaKe My OwN. 

Picture #1

I bought a plain wood frame at my local craft store for $8.00.

Picture #2

I painted the frame green to symbolize Christmas and because it matches the décor in my living room.

Picture #3

I sanded areas of the paint off and stained it to create an “older” look.

Picture #4

I used a staple gun to fasten ribbon to the frame.

Picture #5


Picture #6

Bring on the holidays!

Picture #7

Great to display sight words for your kids!

~Jersey Girl~


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3 responses to “Christmas Card Display

  1. Great idea Robyn! Way to take matters into your own hands ;)

  2. I can think of a dozen uses (at least 2 o3) than this could be used for year around. Very neat.. Love it

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