Honey Or Vinegar?

Ok, so sometimes it’s the ElemEntArY TrUtHs we need to be reminded of the most.  This is something I talk to my kids about frequently.  And they talk to me about it, as well!!

We like to compare the words we speak to HoNeY and ViNeGaR.  There’s a Proverb that says:

“Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the mind and healing to the body.” 

When we say KiNd and GrAciOuS words its as if our lips are giving others honey.  When we say UnKiNd and UngRaCiouS  words its as if our lips are giving others vinegar.  We have even tasted honey and vinegar and decided we definitely don’t want to be speaking words that taste like vinegar!  We also remind each other to speak right by asking, “ArE tHoSe WoRdS hOnEy or ViNeGaR?”

How about you?  Are you giving others words that are SwEeT and bring HeaLiNg? 



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