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9 responses to “I AM…disABLED

  1. Dian

    Beth, I have never thought of you as disabled. You have always been a
    “Combes Girl” to me:)

  2. Lisa Collins

    You inspire many people, Beth!!

  3. Beth, when I met you at the Woman’s Life Summit in March my first impression of you was one of being confident and assured. Thanks for your inspiration and being willing to share your story!!


  4. Beth

    Thanks Ladies! :)

  5. Gwen Mickle

    Beth — Your “never give up” attitude has been truly inspirational. Your accomplishments far exceed most who are labeled “normal” instead of “disabled”. Never give up on yourself. You can have it all. Aunt Gwen

  6. Donna Miller

    Beth~I love to “hear” stories like this! I was diagnosed to with a hearing problem in my earlier years (5 years) and was laughed at in school. I had to learn to read lips and no funds for a hearing aids. I had great mentors and co-workers that led me to where I am today! I worked at Walmart for 18 years and in that time I became a Pharmacy Technician and wanted to become a pharmacist. I did graduate with my Associates of Science, but the availability of schools for me to apply was slim and I did not get accepted. Which leads me to the reason I didn’t want to apply far away I had three wonderful kids that were about to enter the college world soon. I am now 47 years old and I got my first set of hearing aids 14 years ago and LIFE IS GOOD! I still work as a Pharmacy Technician and now Certified at the Ashley Clinic Pharmacy with a great group of Physicians and staff. I love people and I love what I do!! You are so right disABLE! Thanks for Sharing!!!

  7. Beth

    Hi Donna! It is awesome to read your message! Thank you for sharing your story! This is my hight point of my day! :)

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