This is my friend GLeNn.  From time to time I bump into him at the fitness center where I work-out and we’ll ChAt a bit.  Recently we did just that.  Glen talked about his TriPs to Colorado for the summer to get out of the Kansas heat.  He owns a camper and makes the drive west to a much cooler climate.  Glen’s children have decided it’s best he doesn’t make the drive alone, so one of Glen’s SoN’s drives him to CO in the beginning of the summer and comes and gets him at the end of the summer.

Glen shared with me how the summer his wife was dying of cancer one son came and stayed with Glen the EnTiRe three months, not leaving his dad’s side.  Glen said, this was “PaY-BaCk” for the way I treated my kids.  Because I treated them well, they now treat me well.”  {WoW.  PaY-BaCk.}

As parents there are SaCriFicEs we make.  Maybe it’s the social life.  Maybe it’s not getting to do what you want to do.  Maybe it’s having to be loving, but firm and say, “No.”  and not being your kid’s best friend.  It’s easy to get so FoCuSeD on the sacrifices, the here-and-now, that we don’t look down the road.   If you’re in the “sacrifice” season of your life remember it’s not forever.  InVeSt richly in these little lives because…

PaY-bAcKs are coming.




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2 responses to “{PAY-BACK}

  1. Gigi

    Thanks for introducing us to Glenn. I hope each of us can experience Glenn’s wisdom someday with our own joyful paybacks.

  2. You’re welcome! Glenn is a great guy and I’m so glad he gave me that little lesson!!

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