{Reverse Resolution}

We are all familiar with InFaMoUs New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ve read the statistics for the percentage of people who actually stick to them – its DiSmaL.  I think one explanation may be that for some reason JaNuAry 1st seems to be this magical “date”.  As the calendar turns over, people think they have turned over a new leaf, as well.   However,  because of their inactivity, instead of being able to “HiT tHe GroUnd rUnNing” many people find that they are HiGh-CeNteRed and just can’t seem to overcome the inertia.  I know.  I’ve been there many times.

A few years ago I, unintentionally, was motivated to come up with a list (in September/October) of projects I wanted to complete by January 1.  The list was long.  But I was so InSpiRed to check off all my projects by the NeW YeAr that it propelled me forward.  I knew that if I only accomplished half the list, or even a fourth of the list, I could count it a success.  I was doubtful that I could complete the list, but once I got the ball rolling it was like a MoViNg TrAiN.  Not only did I complete the list, I ended up adding more projects to the list. 

As Lara and I have been talking about our “Live-It List” lately, I decided to do the same thing this year and surprisingly the same results occurred.  Why, I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s because mentally it makes me feel as though I am getting a HeAd StArT on the new year.   Maybe it’s because the thought of having all of these projects done before January 1 is (for me) down right ExCiTiNg.  Whatever it is, I think I have a new take on the New Year’s Resolution.  I’m calling it “ReVeRsE ReSoLuTion”.   Basically, instead of designating January 1 the start date, I am designating it the end date.  Does that mean that I won’t have any goals for the New Year?  No.  But it does mean that I can TaKe tHe PreSsuRe oFf and actually enjoy the beginning of a new year as I “hit the ground running.”




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3 responses to “{Reverse Resolution}

  1. I LOVE this Robynn. Thanks for giving me the extra motivation I need to mark stuff off my list!! ~Lara

  2. Have you tried a reverse on lent. Last year during lent. I decided to add something to my list instead of giving something up, I decided to start something. I start by spending more time in prayer and meditation, I also started and finished several sewing projects I had been procrasting on. I starte a being more concious of what I waste my time on. You have given me an inspiration to do the same type of thing now. My goal was to finish a number of aprons, purses and craft items for our Church Bazaar on Nov. 12. I am close to that meeting and beating my goal. Linda

  3. Linda and Lara, I’m so glad this post motivated (and hopefully inspired) you!! The funny thing is this all started a few months ago when Lara offered to help me tackle cleaning out my garage. She had heard me lament about my messy garage for weeks (maybe months?) and offered to help me get “unstuck”. Her encouragement was all it took for me to get the ball rolling. Once I began that project, then came the momentum to and inspiration to clean out closets, the kid’s space, the pantry, my van, and on and on. I was bound and determined to get my life organized!! I’ve got 2 1/2 months til January 1!! Am excited to get the rest of my items completed that are on my list!!

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