Make your Priorities Convenient

Ever since I started dAtiNg Doug, we have always tried to read a daily devotion from our “Word Among Us” booklet we get every month.  I remember how SimPle it was to get this task
accomplished in the dating and pre-kid days. There was very little room for excuses on why we couldn’t find a few minutes to do this together, especially when the booklet was always left where we read it the day before.

Fast forward 7 ½ years and for some reason the little booklet gets moved all around the house, with little fingerprints as the EvideNce on why it ends up in the toy box or jammed in the VCR.  Every night when we go to bed, I reach for it on the nightstand, and sure enough, it is missing once again.  I always tell myself that I’ll try to “find it tomorrow” and put it in a more hidden place, and then we roll over and fall asleep.

We all know how EaSy it is to push some important priorities off to tomorrow, but the sad thing is tomorrow turned into months and because of that it has caused us to not be as diScipliNed into praying together on a nightly basis.  So TODAY, as I happened to discover the booklet once again, I made a point to tuck it underneath the mattress so no little fingers could find it. What a simple SoluTion to something that I put off for months, and I immediately feel like I have a better balance in my life by a small change I made in a matter of minutes.

If there is something important in your life that you “should” be doing, but you keep pushing it off for tomorrow, I encourage you to mark it down on your to-do list for TODAY.  If the priority needs to be done on a daily basis (such as taking daily vitamins, putting on moisturizer, writing down what you spent the day before, etc) take the extra time to make sure it is ConveNient to accomplish so you aren’t so quick to push it off for tomorrow…


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