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Write It Down

We all know the saying, “KiDs say the CuTeSt things.”  I’m sure you have favorite stories of words of wisdom that came from your own children, grandchildren, and nieces & nephews.  We swap these little stories with family, friends, and co-workers but do we ever take the time to jot down these little glimpses of ChiLdhOoD?

When my son was 2 and really started talking I bought a JoUrNaL where I could record the date, his age, and whatever it was that he said that made me SmiLe.  :)  My FaVoRiTe to date was April 27, 2010 when Nicholas was 2 ½ years old.  He had just thrown a spoon FuLL oF ChoCoLatE pUdDiNg across my kitchen.

Me– “Nicholas, Mommy is very upset with you.”

NiChOlAs– “No, I uSeT a you!”

There are lots of cute journals available to record these moments.  Even if you use a simple spiral notebook or loose-leaf paper…GeT sTaRtEd!  Childhood comes once in a lifetime and they won’t be calling m&m’s, “WeMeN-a-WeMs” when they’re going off to college!

~Jersey Girl~


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