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{Let The Holidays Begin!!}

Tonight Lara’s family and my family hung out together.  It’s TrAdiTioN.  We’ve been doing this on October 31st ever since we met back in 2009.

I’m not into Halloween, but I really am into ThanKsgiVinG AnD ChriStmAs!!  In fact, tomorrow is the first official day of the HoLiDaYs (according to me).   I actually saw my first Christmas commerical today!  Tomorrow I will break out the Christmas tunes and maybe even start hanging up the Christmas WrEaThS in the windows.  So, on that note, I want to leave you with this Christmas tune.

HoLiDaY ChEeRs!!



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It’s Called {Life}

From time to time I do a CoOkiNg shOw on our local cable channel.  Because I live in a small town (pop. about 9,000) the viewing audience is relatively small.  The last show I did featured home-made AppLe bUttEr and PoPcoRn BaLLs.  The popcorn balls were a recipe my dad would make when I was a KiD.  Because of the NosTaLgiC element of this treat, I decided to make these for the audience.  I remembered my dad whipping them up in no time flat and wanted to share a quick, easy, SwEeT tReAt.  So, I called my dad, he gave me the recipe off the top of his head, and I was off and running.  I did a practice run and they came out PeRfEcT.  I was ready to feature them on the cooking show.  So I ThoUgHt. 

Then came time for the ShOw.  Everything was going along fine until it came time to form the popcorn balls.  The host and I began to form the sweetened popcorn into balls.  That is we began to “TrY” to form the sweetened popcorn into balls.  Unfortunately our efforts failed.  The mixture just would not stick together.  The only thing it did was StiCk To oUr HaNdS.  Oops!

We continued the show and did the best job we could.  Turns out that when the show was over, the mixture very easily formed into balls.  It just needed a little TiMe To CoOL.

I suppose I could have stopped the taping and asked if we could start over, but hey, ThIs is LiFe.  And life isn’t perfect.  So, as I am learning, I did the BeSt I could with the ReSouRcEs I haD.  Because afterall, it’s called “LiFe”.



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I AM…a Nursing Instructor

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ThAt WaS AwKwArD!!

“Hello, My Name is Robynn and I’m a GeEk.”  (Is there a support group for this sort of thing?)

I remember telling my students that I was a geek and they would immediately come to my defense saying, “Oh, no!  You are not a geek, Ms. Hofer!”  But I ReAllY aM.  (Thanks students for the vote of confidence.)

I find myself in these AwKwArD situations and many times I had nothing to do with getting into them in the first place.  But there I am.  Smack dab in the middle of it, between a RoCk and a HaRd PlAcE.   For example, I’m in a social setting where someone begins talking unkindly about another person who is not in our presence.  I would say something but 1.) I’m picking my mouth off the floor in disbelief that such a comment was even said in the first place &  2.) What should I say?  

In these situations, it makes me feel like a geek – awkward, uncomfortable, and at a loss of what to say or do.  I want to run and hide.  Why?  Because I have an ImAgE to uphold.  After all, I am well put together, refined, and always know what to do.  (Yah, right!)

If I’m honest I will admit I don’t always know what to do.  The beauty of acknowledging this is that then I qualify for help from above.  So here I am: RaW, transparent, and yes, even a geek.  But that’s ok.  I will take all the help I can get.



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Sweet Treat

Do you ever find yourself BaRgAiNiNg with your kids to get them to behave, clean up their toys, or finish their meals?  If you answered yes…I’m right there with you!  My 4 year old son had a really good day today and my husband and I wanted to ReWaRd him with something special.  I wanted the reward to be immediate so that he would make the connection that he earned something SpEcIaL because he was a great listener TODAY.  I didn’t want the reward to be a toy or anything that would cost money because I don’t want him to start expecting toys for doing what we ExPeCt of him.  I went into my baking cabinet and pulled out a box of CoOkiE mIx that I had bought at our local dollar store.  After I put my daughter to sleep I pulled out all of the fall sprinkles and we got to work!  We had a great time making the cookies and my son was so proud that he got to put the sprinkles on all by himself.  It truly was an EyE-OpEniNg night for me because in a pinch I found an inexpensive way to show my son that we were proud of him and realized that rewards don’t need to be elaborate, they can be as simple as some YuMmY cOoKiEs and time alone with Mommy and Daddy.

~Jersey Girl~


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Can Anyone Hear Me?

I’m writing this post today with a scratch in my throat.  No, not a scratch due to a cold, but a scratch due to raising my voice to get my kid’s AttEnTion or tell them they need to stop doing something for the 20th time!  Can you relate?

I remember my teaching days and how I learned in college that no good teacher will YELL at their students to get them to listen.  I just had to LaUgh when I thought of that today.  It is amazing what situations can make you ScReAm, regardless if you are a “good” parent or not.

When I reach the point of YELLING it is an instant reminder that I need a B R E A K.  I need to ask for help, get a babysitter, or take a night off and distance myself from the kiddos so I can sort out my thoughts and relax.  When I do, I am much more patient with the kids and it makes me feel like a better Mom because I can handle frustrating situations with more ease.

No one wants to be the yelling Mom…so the best thing to is find a SoLuTion to the problem…see you after my nap ;)



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{Mexican Jumping Beans!!}

A few months ago my husband had a business trip and picked these guys up at one of the AiPpOrT sHoPs.  When he held them out to my girls and they began to “JuMp” my first response was, “What’s the catch?”   Turns out there is no catch.  They actually do “jump”, as there is a LiTtLe WoRm inside that will eventually emerge as a moth.    Amazing!  In all my years of college science and then in my years of teaching high school science I had not once heard about these incredibly interesting creatures.

My husband also bought the book Lucus and His Loco Beans:  A Tale Of The Mexican Jumping Bean by Ramona Moreno Winner which tells a story about a boy and his grandfather hunting for Mexican jumping beans.  It also chronicles the life cycle of the LiTtLe CrItTeR.  It is a very educational book that introduces Spanish words and gives a science lesson at the same time.  I highly recommend it!

Both of my girls took the Mexican jumping beans and the book to school for “ShOw-AnD-TeLL” and it was a HuGe HiT.  I even had parents tell me they were so fascinated by the Mexican jumping bean (my girls had given a bean to each classmate to take home) that they looked it up on the internet themselves!

The book and Mexican Jumping Beans can be purchased from Amazon at:


Mexican jumping beans:

You can learn more about Mexican jumping beans by going to this website:



P.S.  Here’s a little video of the jumping beans!


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