Blessing and a Curse

No matter who you are or where you came from, we all have CharacTerisTics that can serve as a blessing and a curse.  Maybe you are GeneRous with money, which could cause you to struggle managing your finances. Maybe you are easy to get along with, but when it comes to standing up to people, you avoid conflict.

I have always been a planner.  This QuaLity is a huge asset when it comes to being a reliable source for others, organizing events and activities, or budgeting money.  On the other hand, being a planner is extremely hard in situations that are beyond your control and require you to “let go”.

It is easy to get down on yourself when you FocUs on the negative qualities of who you are.  No individual is perfect, and we all have qualities that are in constant need of polishing.  Acknowledging your weaknesses is a huge step in the right direction. Although it may always be a work in progress, you will be a BettEr person than if you’d never worked on it at all.


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