Chalk It Up!

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I LOVE oLd-FaShiOn ChaLkbOarDs!   And the cool thing is they are in VoGuE!  So if you have some wall space and you’re not quite sure what to do with it, consider hanging a chalkboard.   You can find chalkboards in stores such as Marshalls or Hobby Lobby or in catalogs such as Ballard Designs.   However, my chalkboard is actually a homemade piece (homemade by someone other than me, although I did do a little of the painting!).   It is a piece of luan board that was painted in chalkboard paint and then nailed to the wall.  For the final touches, this blue trim was nailed around it to finish it out.  


It is perfect for letting your kids draw their MaStErPiEcEs….

Or your HuSbAnD drawing his!   (Sorry, there are no pics of my own.  I promise you, that would not be pretty!)



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