Build Your Self-Esteem

Life has proven to me that I FeeL the BeSt about WhO I Am when I push myself to TrY NeW ThInGs.  Sure, trying new things may mean I could fail, but those setbacks usually contribute to building better confidence for the future.

A couple of years ago I wanted to put hardware on our kitchen cabinets.  I try my best to help around the house, especially so I don’t have to bug my husband do it all the time.  So, I got out the electric screwdriver, started drilling holes, all the while saying “ICANDOTHIS!!!”  Well, truth be told, I ended up messing up a few of the holes and had to ask my husband to help fix it.  Even though he had to spend the same amount of time to fix the problem, he agreed it was good because I LeaRned about this for FutuRe projects.  Maybe next time I won’t need his help at all!

Taking ChanCes and trying new things can be scary, but no one ever said building your self-esteem would be easy.  Some people take risks because they know that if they fail, it may make them BettEr the next time and SuccEss may start to be the norm!


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