Pajama Party!

Having a PajaMa ParTy is a regular occurance in our home.  Sometime after dinner my daughter yells out, “Let’s have a pajama party!”  Our PaRtY usually consists of vegging out in the living room, chasing each other in the front yard, or even helping Dad make chocolate chip cookies :)

It is easy for one to think they have to create something oUt of tHis World in order to have a memorable experience.   More often than not, the MomeNts that are cherished the most are the ones that take the least amount of effort and come so NatuRally in our day-to-day routines.  Is there something that you are already doing that has become a sPeciAL tradition in your life?  Comment below…I’d love to hear what you do!



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2 responses to “Pajama Party!

  1. margaret bideau

    My kids’ all time favorite summer activity was our annual back yard carnival. My kids and their friends “manned” all the stations. We had a fish pond, a duck pond, a cupcake walk, a disco in the garage, a magic show, a petting zoo in the tree house, etc. Use your imagination! They invited neighbors and friends, charged 25cents to get in, and proceeds went to Focus on the Family. When our son Scott (who was 27 at the time) got married, the pastor who presided said the Scott has told him his favorite memory of childhood was those back yard carnivals. I can’t wait until my grandchildren are old enough to host one in that same back yard. The kids enjoyed planning and setting them up as much as the carnival themselves. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest things are the best of all!

  2. What an awesome idea, and how touching that you made the childhood memory for others as well! Thanks for sharing that!

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