My way is the right way!

When I first started dating my husband, he always said something that really stuck with me: “Different strokes for different folks”.  It wasn’t as if I had never heard that before, but that day it rang a bell in my mind as to how we should ReSpeCt the way people run their lives. 

I think as humans, we all have a tendency to look at other people and CoMpaRe what they are doing to what we do.  Often times we ask the questions “Why in the world do they do it THAT way”, “Why don’t they do it like WE do?”, “Don’t they know OUR way is so much better?”

The hard part of this social comparison is that we don’t know the specific circumstances.  Often times there are several PatHs that people can take that can ALL reach similar end goals.  I too struggle with social comparisons, and when I do, I need to take a step back and RealiZe the other person may know what’s best for their situation.


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