A Tough Balancing Act

I don’t know how many ConveRsatioNs I’ve had with Robynn about the importance having a good balance in my life.  Balancing my business and watching my kids….balancing trying to achieve goals but not letting them consume me…balancing housework, family time and ME time…

I have always been a black and white type of person, so as you can iMagiNe, balance is hard for me.  I’ve realized that when I have the right balance, I experience the most PeaCe in my life.  For example, my business.  It brings me JoY because it gives me ownership in something and it provides supplemental income for my family.  BUT because it is a GrowIng business, too many orders at once cause me STRESS.  When I have good BALANCE I only accept the orders I can manage, which allows me to make money and be available to my kids.  I may be turning away extra money by limiting my orders, but having PeAcE is WoRtH MoRe than being stressed and missing my kiddos.

Balancing areas of your life may mean making sAcriFices, but in reality you are probably spending more time doing the things in life that MAtter Most!


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