Don’t Sweat The REALLY Small Stuff

I’ll admit it…I’m one of those “MaTcHy MaTcH MoMs that loves to have everything coordinate.  I love dressing my 2 year old daughter up in outfits with matching hair BoWs, socks, shoes, bracelets…the whole NiNe YaRdS!  You can say flying by the seat of my pants in NOT in my vocabulary.  I’ve always loved picking clothes out for my kids and have never had an issue until the other day when I took my 4 year old son shopping for his BaCk-To-ScHoOl sneakers.  For days he was saying he wanted blue and yellow sneakers which I figured would be no problem.  I envisioned a SnEaKeR with some navy and a little mustardy yellow accent that could easily match his wardrobe.  Needless to say what he picked out was far from the understated running shoe I had in mind.  However, the look on his face when he tried them on was PRICELESS.  I took a deep breath and bought the sneakers that my son had so proudly picked out all on his own. 

On the car ride home I thought that there are so many things that can cause stress in our daily lives…I was proud of myself for going with the flow for once and in the grand scheme of things, this really is sMaLL StUfF!

~Guest Writer Robyn, From New Jersey~


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2 responses to “Don’t Sweat The REALLY Small Stuff

  1. Sara

    I enjoy reading your thoughts on life also. Your writing style compliments Lara and Robynn’s so much so that I have to check out who wrote each day’s post. Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Thanks so much Sara! I am so excited to be a part of the Suede Sofa!

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