Yesterday I sent my firstborn to KiNdErGaRtEn.  {Sniff, Sniff}  I was actually only a tad bit emotional.  The real WaTeRwOrKs came the day before when I looked through her BaBy picture books. 

What was I thinking?  I guess I was just trying to get a handle on how QuiCkLy those five years had gone.  I’ve heard the StoRiEs of the first day of school but now I UnDeRsTaNd.

What’s worse is those stories go on to say the years from Kindergarten to high school graduation go by just as quickly. 

Oh No. 

I’m definitely not ready for that…

This reminds me of the quote by Alice Morse Earl that says, “The clock is RuNniNg.  Make the MoSt of today.  Time WaiTs for no man.  Yesterday is HiStoRy.  Tomorrow is a MySteRy.  Today is a GiFt.  That’s why it is called the PrEsEnT.”

Enough of the BiTtEr-StUfF.  Now for the SwEeT.

Yesterday we started some TrAdiTioNs. 

Of course I took a slew of PicTuReS and had Grandma GiGi take the family photo on our back porch. 

We took HeiGhT measurements.

EnJoYeD chocolate-chip cookies with milk after school.

PaiNtEd hand prints.

And SaVeD our local newspaper for the scrapbook.

This MiLe-MaRkEr a.k.a. Kindergarten is a chance for me to look back fondly at the past and forward with great hopes and dreams for the future.   But even more importantly to cherish the PrEseNt.  Hopefully these traditions will help me do just that. :)

How are you marking your miles?  We would love to hear about YoUr first-day-of-school traditions!


Photobook by:  Portrait Designs By Lasha


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4 responses to “Bittersweet

  1. Lara

    My mom made us homemade chocolate chip cookies every day (from what I remember) She had it timed just right…she was pulling them out of the oven as the bus pulled into the yard. Then she would sit in the kitchen and listen to each one of us girls talk about our day. What a great Mom and such special memories! GREAT Post! Thanks for sharing that!


  2. Julie

    Oh my dear Robynn-

    Yesterday as I took my dear Zoie to HIGH SCHOOL, of course I cried! :-( HIGH SCHOOL! Tomorrow will be graduation cuz it goes ALL too fast! It is funny that your dear little one is going to kindergarten cuz ALL day I kept remembering how I we took Zo to eat at Smooters before her first 1/2 day. I remember what she wore and even how she accidentally got mustard on her little outfit from lunch and of course, I had a freak out moment cuz everything wasn’t perfect. Yes, an “issue” of mine. I remeber taking pics with her setting on the Lincoln sign. Maizie is now in 7th grade and old enough to play SPORTS! She is taller than her sister and just yesterday she was so little. So dang cute and now she is just beautiful, she brings tears to my eyes and sometimes I don’t even recognize her she is so big. So, yes, even though I HATED the saying when they were little, DO SO enjoy each and every good and bad moment cuz, my dear, it happens in a blink and soon you will be seeing your precious little babies coming out of their rooms in a CHS cheer uniform and and RMS volleyball uniform wondering, HOW exactly did THIS happen? I keep telling Stewart that once this is over :-( to look out cuz then he’s gonna be the one I am TOTALLY focused on and he may begin to feel smothered! :-) Have a GREAT day! P.S. Our traditions are we ALWAYS take individual pics and sisterly pics on our porch with all their gear and Gma Claudie makes cookies and milk after school. John takes them to school everyday except I get the first and last days! Yesterday they both had dance in Iola and Zo had cheer, which freaked Gma Claudie out so bless her heart, she made the cookies and brought them to us so the tradition still continued! :-) Have a GREAT day!

    • margaret bideau

      I know it is tough (been through it and my “baby” is now 27!) But, we teachers are trying really hard to take your kiddos under our wings! I had a few tears yesterday from a few kids, and passed out a ton of hugs and reassuring words to all “my/your” kids. I know teachers all over the building were doing the same. I strongly believe that God puts kids in
      my room for a reason, and I try hard to live up to that. God bless you moms! Margaret Bideau

  3. Thank-you so much for your comments!! I really enjoyed hearing your traditions and your encouraging words! We have made it through the first week of school and are loving it!! Thanks again for sharing!!


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