Flooded Basement Makeover

A year ago our basement flooded due to me forgetting to turn the electricity back on after trying to install a new light fixture and running to town to get a new part :(  Of course it just happened to be raining that day, and I came home to over 6″ of water!

I wanted to come up with a cHeaP way to make our basement a more functional and inviting living space, but something that would make another flood less devistating.  I was able to transform the space on a budget with the help of these items:

– 10 tan colored king-sized sheets from Wal-Mart ($14 each)

-Binder clips and Binder Rings

-1 roll of thick wire from Lowe’s

-A couple sheets of drywall and putty

-1×12″ pine boards for the trim

-Staple Gun w/ Staples

-1 Can of spraypaint that I already had

-Paint, which I already had

Before Pic 1 

After Pic 1

As you can see, I hung sheets for the “walls” so if it floods again I can pull off the sheets and take them outside to dry (or wash them!)

Before Pic 2 

After Pic 2  

We used 1×12″ pine for the trim at the bottom of the walls with sheetrock.  This way, if it floods again, hopefully it will be less than 12″ and won’t ruin the sheetrock!

My Quick & Easy Trick

See these binder rings and clips? I spray painted these a dark brown and used these to hang my sheets!

Hanging the drywall and sanding/painting the wall was probably the hardest part.  If all you had to do is hang the sheets, you could traNsForm a room within an afternoon!


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