Kiss From God

A few days ago my family and I were driving and my 3-year old said, “Momma look at that PeTtY (pretty) SuNsEt.”  To which my 5-year old replied, “That’s a KiSs from God”. 

From time to time when we see a bLuE sKy with white puffy clouds or another one of God’s BeaUtiFuL masterpieces we use this phrase.  It is a reminder to us of God’s daily little BleSsiNgs.

What are your “kisses” from God?  It may be a SuRpriSe call from a dear friend wanting to “catch up”, a ReWaRdiNg day at work, an enjoyable evening with the family, or maybe your “kiss from God” actually comes in the form of a kiss from your ChiLd.

So as you experience little blessings throughout your day, remember, it might just be God sending you a message:



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