You Are Who You Hang Around

If you want your life to head in a certain diRection, you’ll get the best results by surrounding yourself with people that “liVe” the life you are striving for.

My husband I have found that ImProving our marriage, finances, parenting or how we treat other people, is much eAsiEr when we hang out with friends that push us to improve in all of these areas. Our friends don’t necessarily have to talk about these things, but simply hanging around them and observing their acTioNs keep us in check!

Are you hanging out with people that help you become a better “YOU”?  Are you being a good exaMple to your friends?  The people you spend the most time with will refLeCt the direction of your life.  What diRecTion are you headed?



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2 responses to “You Are Who You Hang Around

  1. Cathy

    Why does it seem like negativity is stronger than the opposite?

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