All There

In this age of smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other distractions we deal with throughout our day it’s sometimes hard to “be all there” as exhorted by missionary/martyr Jim Elliot in his famous quote:

“Where ever you are, be all there.”

Where are you?

  • Home –“Be all there.”
  • Work – “Be all there.”
  • Prayer –“Be all there.”
  • In conversation with your child, friend, spouse, co-worker, associate, client, acquaintance – “Be all there.”
  • Church – “Be all there.”
  • Your Child’s Event – “Be all there.”
  • A Volunteer Meeting/Event – “Be all there.”
  • Dinner with friends or family “Be all there.”

I think this is what is meant by savoring the moment.  It’s embracing life.  Because as we all know, life is short so be all there.



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2 responses to “All There

  1. This is so true. Today while trying to do “get it all done” I was checking on something on my phone while at a red light. Next thing I knew I pressed the gas and hit the car in front of me. No one was hurt and there was a minor scrape on the car I hit, but it was a huge wake up call. My kids were with me and could have been hurt. Made me realize that enough is enough and I need to “Be all there”!

  2. Thanks for sharing Robyn!! What a wake-up call! This is a concept I need a lot of work on because it is so easy to try to “get it all done” as you said and do it as quickly as possible!

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