My family and I recently vacationed in Colorado and made a stop in HaYs, KaNsAs just off of Interstate 70.  We “DiScOvErEd” this happening little town a year or so ago and have thoroughly enjoyed taking in all it has to offer.

Here’s a little preview of our short visit on a Friday evening:

We did a lot of WiNdOw ShOpPiNg:

ChiLdrEn’s BoUtiQuE.  (I love the old WaGoNs with flowers!)

Very trendy little shops.  CS PoSt & Co.

The PaisLeY PeAr.

The #1 Voted SeMoLiNo Coffee House.

The place was BuZziNg.

They even had LiVe MuSiC.

In fact there seemed to be live music all over downtown including this street CoRnEr.

We love to eat at GeLLa’s DiNer.  Some favorites:  the murals painted on brick walls, home brewed RoOt BeEr and CrEaM sOdA, trendy decor, and of course their kids meals that come in a cardboard retro little car.  (I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture of them!)

Check out this MuRaL, one of many.

I also love this SuNfLoWeR made from road signs.

We’ve been told there are other great eating spots that we want to check out as well.

Right next door to Gella’s is ArTiSt DeNniS ScHiEl’s art studio.  We enjoyed talking with him and looking at his art.  (By the way, if you are looking for some close-up painted art of CoW’s faces check out his work.)  Dennis is one of many artists in Hays.

This town has quite the Historic Downtown.  We intend to visit it more on those long, long trips to Colorado.

This “ArT-sY” little town has a lot going for it.  If you are passing by check it out!!



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2 responses to ““HAYS” YA DOIN’!!

  1. Donna Miller

    Robyn, How fun this town is! My son Mike Miller, who designed Chanute’s banners downtown, is a student there. We have been to all but one of the stores you have listed and how cute Hays is. Thanks for taking the time to do this!! Love them Donna Miller

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