Stop Staring at Me!

Are you ever trying to break a bad habit, but the hAbit is always staring you down?  I was having this issue over the weekend with a red velvet cake.  Although I knew there were a tremendous number of calories in every slice and how sluggish it made me feel AFTER I ate it…I still wanted more.My solution?  The cake went in the trash.  I eNjoYed two small slices over the weekend, but I won’t feel guilty for throwing something away that is only going to make me feel worse.  Back
in the day and I would have never thought to do such a thing.  Knowing that there are people in the world in nEEd of something to eat would have kept me from tossing it.  However, keeping unnecessary snacks and junk food around the house would just be contributing to another big problem in this country, weight management.

Sometimes we have to take eXtreMe measures to avoid being stared down by our tEmptAtions.  In the end, we need to do whatever it takes to set ourselves up to SuCCeeD.



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2 responses to “Stop Staring at Me!

  1. Alison Ward

    K had this exact dilemma over the weekend, hadn’t baked in a long time because I’m trying to lose some weight, broke down and made something for the family, and it stared at me all day on Monday! I ALMOST threw it out, but controlled myself and put it on top of the fridge so I wouldn’t eat it and so the kids could have another slice after dinner. Worked this time. . . but I won’t be making another cake for a while :-D

  2. Good for you! I don’t have as good of self control :) Glad to know I”m not the only one that has food staring at me all the time!

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