In Need of Mending

Is there someone in your life that you’ve a falling out with? Haven’t talked to a friend in ages because your relationship ended out of the blue? You know who I’m talking about…the thought of this person is TuGGinG at your heart just thinking about it.

Over the last couple of years I have been very fortunate to meNd broKen relaTionsHips with individuals that I had once been very close with. Much to my surprise, when I finally contacted them, their reasoning for having a “falling out” was due to something completely different than my own. It was shocking that years had been wasted due to having hurt feelings for completely different reasons. If only we had talked about it sooner!

It takes a lot of CouRaGe and FaiTh to reach out and contact a loved one whom you are no longer close with. Sometimes it takes a long time for the hurt to heal, and even when you have forgiven, that doesn’t mean that they have. Regardless, life is tOo shoRt to not take a chance on a relationship that could be mended. Call them or write how you are feeling. Either way it should give YOU CLOSURE, and perhaps it will give you more than that…a renewed relationship! I’m so glad I have those people back in my life again.


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