When I was a first year teacher I wanted to be the best at EVERYTHING.  After a month I ended up being the exact opposite because I was burnt out and exhausted all the time.  It finally dawned on me when I pulled out the “quote of the week” that read: SIMPLIFY.  We’ve all read that word numerous times, but how often have we actually applied it to our everyday lives?

Simplifying your life may mean cancelling dinner with friends because you haven’t been home with your family all week.  Perhaps it is buying a treadmill so you don’t have to drive to the gym.  Maybe you’ll aLLoW your kiddo to wear clothes that don’t match because it isn’t worth the extra stress to get them out the door!

Make it your goal to simplify your life.  What is iMporTant?  Is it TIME? Is it reducing stress?  StRip AwAy the unnecessary elements that are causing problems in your life and only focus
on achieving the “have-to’s” today!



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2 responses to “SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE

  1. Christina

    …stripping away the unnecessary elements in my life…sometimes I do feel like I want to give away everything because it’s too much!…toys, laundry, dishes, magazines, etc…thanks for sharing today about simplifying… I know I need to in my life! = )

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that! I am right there with you. Some days I want to throw my hands up in the air! So much of what we feel like we “need” to do can actually be pushed off to another day. In the end being a less-stressed mom or woman is all you loved ones really want any way ;) Thanks for reading and sharing—it keeps us inspired to continue sharing our daily thoughts and experiences!


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