Some Days I Want To…

…and not in the fun “YAY” sort of way.  Yesterday was one of those days.  On the outside I was CaLm, but inside I wanted to shout!   It started with fussy kids, spilling oatmeal on the floor, forgetting we had an appointment that morning and unfortunately spiraled out of control from there.  Sound familiar?

Some days I wonder WhYI try and do what I do.  The inevitable always happens…the kids spill juice on newly cleaned carpet or I get swamped with orders the week my husband is out-of-town.  Some days F E E L like I can’t catch a break!

To survive days like these I have to remind myself I am normal.  We all have rough days and despite our attempts at staying PoSiTiVe, don’t always end how we hoped.  Luckily those days don’t last forever, and when they do, I don’t have to be so hard on myself.  These days are NORMAL so give yourself a break!



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2 responses to “Some Days I Want To…

  1. I’ve had those days… it’s like a domino effect. Every little thing goes wrong… so they all seem way worse than they really are! Luckily, we eventually get to go to bed and start the day fresh tomorrow! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Brandy! I am totally with you about needing to get to bed and starting fresh tomorrow :)

    Thanks for commenting and inspiring us to continue sharing our thoughts and experiences!


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