Just Because…

I opened my back door and there between the door and the screened storm door was a gift, in the package, with a note that read:

“Just Because…


That was back when I was a single teacher and coach living on a really tight budget.  I had been chosen, along with another coach, a few student athletes, and a Booster Club Representative named Sharon, to represent my school at a conference on sportsmanship.  This was really the first time I spent much time around Sharon.  She was a leader in the community and a very GrAcioUs and kind lady. 

A few days after the conference I came home from work one day to find a surprise at my back door.  Sharon had bought me a new FlAtiRoN and dropped it off at my house when I was in school – completely out of the blue and completely to my surprise.  She had heard me talk about my broken flatiron and took it upon herself to do something about it.

That was over 10 years ago, but I still remember this KiNd AcT that Sharon did for me.  And I ask myself from time to time what I can do for someone else “Just Because.”



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4 responses to “Just Because…

  1. Kim

    The “just because” that you did for me that I will never forget…..watching all 4 kids for me so Darin and I could have a lunch date. We don’t get much adult time together, and cherish what time together we do have, so thank you…we won’t forget your “just because”!

  2. Ahhh, Kim, it was my pleasure watching your sweet kids and letting you go on a date!

  3. You are definitely a “just because” person! You are always going out of your way to reach out to people you know are going through a hard time. And I am so thankful to know you and call u a friend!

  4. Thanks Brandy!! It’s funny how when we met over 10 years ago we started out as teacher/student and now we are friends!!

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