Suede Sofa Makes Road Trip To “Good Ju Ju”

On Friday, June 3rd, Lara and I took a road trip from our home in rural southeast Kansas to Kansas City about 2 hours away.  The purpose:  Shop at “GoOd Ju Ju” an antique shop in downtown Kansas City.  I was specifically looking for a table for my back porch.  Come along on our journey and see what I found!

We’re almost there!!

Lara poses in front of the Good Ju Ju sign as we wait for the doors to OpEn!!

Is that my TaBLe?!

Inside Good Ju Ju its packed with items and PeOpLe!!

What a fun time we had looking around.   (And I bought the blue bench/coffee table).

InTeReStInG FaCt:  Good JuJu is a top 5 FiNaLiSt in KC Magazines “CiTy BeSt” for“BeSt AnTiQuE ShOpPiNg”.   (You can find them on Facebook.)

After we visited Good JuJu we walked down the street and hit some of the other antique shops within walking distance.  What a fun time we had!

So now, for the coffee table:

Before photo of space:

And now for the finished space:

We have already had our first meal out there. I’m sure the first of many.

Happy Antique – ing!!


P.S.  Thanks Cassie for the tip!!


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6 responses to “Suede Sofa Makes Road Trip To “Good Ju Ju”

  1. pat clouser

    What an awesome compliment!! And we have the most awesome customers!! Thank you for coming to see us – we’re so proud to be a part of an area that is ‘coming back’ and proud to present our wonderful findings/treasures!! WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!!
    Thanks again – be sure to come back and introduce yourselves – would love to meet you!!!

    Pat Clouser
    Strangelove Reincarnate
    a vendor at The Good Ju Ju

  2. Karen Kessler

    Hi Robynn, Sorry that I missed you at JuJu, I was there almost all day Fri. Lori said that you would be coming to KC. I love being a vendor there & we have the MOST awsome costomers!! We vendors work really hard to find items of interest & wackyness!! We are like a family & have lots of fun setting up & selling. Let me know what you are looking for—-your porch is Fabulous!! Karen

  3. Hi Karen!!

    What a fun place to share your unique finds! You all are obviously doing something very well!! I look forward to returning. Next time I’ll be sure to say “Hi”!


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