I AM…a caregiver of my son who has a traumatic brain injury

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2 responses to “I AM…a caregiver of my son who has a traumatic brain injury

  1. Sally Hix

    Dear Gwen,
    If I misspell or leave out a word, it’s because of the tears in my eyes. Many, many times I have wanted to honor you in some way for your care-giving and relationship with Aaron. So many moments I have witnessed the love you share with him, often when you may not have been aware of my presence.
    I will never forget the day I stood at the door of your room at Memorial when your nurse, Stephanie, was kneeling down to listen to you and, presumably, share her own thoughts and feelings with you, when you needed them most. I get tearful each time I think of that scene.
    And, I have similar emotions when I see you and Aaron “connecting,” with you kneeling beside him, comforting, listening
    and sharing your love with him. You have never given up! There had to have been lots of times when the whole situation was so overwhelming that you wondered how you could keep trying.
    Aaron has progressed from those dark, dark days to what he is capable of now, largely because of you. I have said this to my friends who have asked about him from time to time.
    I don’t know how you have accomplished it but you seem to have kept your family going strong with individual attention to their needs, their activities, their worries and concerns. You are to be admired for your supportive role, no matter how difficult things were. Jack, Aaron and Ashlee are, indeed, so blessed to have you in their lives! I, too, am blessed to have you in my life. I can add that all of your family and each of your friends feel the same way!
    I loved the words in one of your Christmas letters that stated that the “old Aaron” had gone, but in his place was a “new Aaron”
    and it was okay because you were all learning to adapt and honor Aaron as he was. Quite a statement. And, you truly have.
    Thanks, Gwen, for writing your story–you are more than a mother of the week–you are an exemplary mother for all times.
    Love you! Bill and Sally

  2. margaret bideau

    Dear Gwen,
    Wow, what a story of triumph. What amazing things you have done in your entire family’s lives. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey. May God bless you richly for your compassion and endurance in the face of such an incredible challenge. I admire you, even though I will never meet you. Margaret Bideau

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