Write Your Legacy

The year is 2111.  Your history has been written.  What does yours say?  What is your legacy?

I think, for me, this may be the single most important aspect of dealing with an All-Or-Nothing mindset – seeing the BiG PiCtUrE.  The best way I have found to do this is to “write my legacy.”  I literally have put down on paper what I want my legacy to look like.  Here are some of my random thoughts:

  • My kids don’t have to LoOk PeRfEcT.
  • I (and my life) don’t have to look perfect.
  • My house doesn’t have to look perfect.  (Definitely easier said than done!)
  • People take PriOriTy over things – (Including schedules, my plans, etc)
  • My purpose – loving God and others

I don’t nail this 100% of the time, but I’m doing my best to hit the mark as much as I can.  Hopefully I get closer every day. 

What’s your legacy?



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2 responses to “Write Your Legacy

  1. andi

    Love this post; don’t check your site as often as I’d like (you understand, kids, husband, meals, bills, home, etc), but when I do have time, i randomly check the differnt topics. Keep it up! I’ve shared your site with my sister in Emporia and my neighbor in the middle of nowhere western KS tonight; and yes, Jenny turned me on to your site; it’s very well done!

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