Meet Walter

LiFe LeSsOnS can come from many sources. 

Meet WaLtEr. 

This is our 11-year old ChOcOLatE lab.  When I got married he was part of the deal.  At first I wasn’t real thrilled with this bundle of energy.   He was not yet two-years old, a male (obviously), and came from a line of field champions.  Since that time I’ve come to love this dog.  In fact, I’ve never met another dog like Walter.  For one, he thinks he is human.  He acts like it too.  So much so, that when friends and family come over they just can’t help but laugh at him.  Whether it be helping himself to the crock-pot of chili on the counter and dumping it on the floor, opening a door, or escaping from several confinement scenarios, he always keeps us entertained.

You’ll hear more in the future from Walter, but for now he would like to leave you with his favorite quote.  It comes from WiNsToN ChUrChiLL:

“never, NeVeR, NEVER GiVe Up!”


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