Hey Cow!!

S U M M E R  break officially (according to me) begins next weekend and many people are beginning to plan vacations and get-a ways.  If yours includes a road trip, here is a game you can play with your family to make the time go by faster!  My niece, a member of the BaKeR UniVerSitY softball team, told me about this game a couple of days ago and it made me laugh!  She and her teammates play it on their road trips.  The name of the game is “HeY CoW!!”  The object of this game is to yell out your window, “Hey Cow!!” every time you see a cow and see how many cows look at you.  Give yourself a point for each cow that looks your way.  Take turns and see who has tallied the most points by the end of the trip.  That person is the WiNnEr!

Have a favorite game you like to play when traveling?  Mind sharing? Comment below!!

Hello Summer!!


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