Convenient Memories

Are there MOMENTS in your life that you wish you could remember better?  So many great things happen in our lives but often get forgotten due to the inconvenience of writing it all down.  After my first daughter was born I wanted to cAptUre every second of her growth but always waited until I had the PerFecT time to scrapbook or document it.  The perfect moment never happened or when it did I could never remember all the details.

My solution to this problem? I scrapped the idea of feeling like I had to jot down thoughts and events in perfect handwriting or on paper that didn’t have a wrinkle Ü .  I went out and bought blank notebooks, wrote each kid’s name on the front and placed them in an area of our home that is easy to access.  Nowadays when the kids say or do something memorable, my husband or I grab it right away, sCribbLe in what happened and sign and date each entry.  Yes, the books have already been drawn in by the kids or smudged with their little fingerprints due to being in such a convenient location, but these little imperfections just add to its sentimental value.  As time goes on I’m realizing that these books will be cherished more than the preserved scrapbooks I spent hours completing.  Sometimes the easiest solutions are the ones you’ll TREASURE the most!


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