Biggest Bang For Your Buck – Toned Arms

S  u  M  m  e R   is just a month away!  This is what works for me when it comes to toned arms…

I’ve never had naturally ToNeD aRmS, but being a farm girl who would spend her summer days bailing hay I would have defined arms at the end of each summer.  After I got a teaching job and no longer spent my summers on the farm I looked for an alternative to getting toned arms – lifting weights.

A fitness magazine had promised me toned arms if I would do their exercises 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.  I began doing these arm exercises using dumbbells and weight machines.  After a few months of this regimen the results were, well, disappointing.  I could barely tell any difference.  So I came up with my own plan:  PuShUpS. 

When I started out doing pushups I had to do them on my knees.  Because my upper body had never really been that strong, I could not do many in a row without resting, but I pLuGgEd AwAy.  I did this for three weeks and was very happy with the results, so much so that I decided I would do 75-pushups each day.

I don’t actually do 75-pushups a day, but that is my goal.  Sometimes it may be 3 times a week, sometimes 5, something is better than nothing.  I can’t do all 75 at once and so I break it down.  Now I have something that not only works, but takes only a few minutes each day.  I cAn HaNdLe ThAt. =)   


Post Pushups


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