I Am…A Dermatologist

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3 responses to “I Am…A Dermatologist

  1. Marilyn

    One of the nicest things about the Women’s Summit was seeing all sorts of ladies there- professionals, homemakers, teachers, service providers, moms, single people, married with no kids, divorced, widowed….. and experiencing a sharing “event” that is truly needed by all of us. Thank you, Christy, for sharing your desires, your future ambitions and trusting us with all of it! Praying for all your thoughts and dreams to come to fruition!

  2. Robynn


    We’re so glad you are practicing in Chanute! Thanks for you input on what’s really important in life!!

    • Julie

      That is one of my favorite quotes, too!
      (And, funny, but Christy is one of my favorite people.)
      No matter where life takes us, you always have been and will always be my number one source of inspiration. Thanks, sis.

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