Goodbye Joneses! Hello Freedom!

So here’s the truth: I have never considered myself to be a very good writer.  When I first started blogging (1 month ago!) it was easy to give up b/c of the following thoughts:  What if people think my posts are horrible?  What if someone thinks I’m not very SmArT?  What if people look at my pictures and think I’ve gained weight since they saw me last? Writing is a bit out of my CoMFOrT zone, BUT I’m never going to be a good writer unless I work at it and have someone critique me.  Society influences makes us think we need to be perfect.  The thing is, look how many of these thoughts keep us from doing what we really want to do?

Yesterday I wrote about living on a budget.  For a moment you may have considered taking a deeper look at your own finances.  Then, after a few minutes, you talked yourself out of it b/c your thoughts sounded something like this: “What if I traded in my new car for something older and used that money to pay off my credit cards?  Forget it…I can’t bear to look silly driving a car that is more than 5 years old!”  We’ve talked a lot about ‘what would you do if you knew you could not fail?’  So many of the reasons why we never attempt to answer that question is because we are so worried about what everyone else thinks. The thing is, what does it really matter what others think?  Can you really call the people who don’t support you “F R I E N D S“?  Why surround yourself with people that aren’t going to encourage and support you in doing what is best for YOU?  This is YOUR LIFE. You have the power to choose how you want to live it.  Don’t give in to society.  Follow what is in your heart.

So whatever life change you want to make (drastic or not), remind yourself of WHY you are doing it.  Don’t live in misery b/c of what you think everyone else thinks! Don’t limit yourself on the things you want to accomplish b/c the Joneses are standing on your doorstep. I’ve been there too.  It’s okay.  It’s normal.  Acknowledge  this challenge and ChAnGe your way of thinking to take control of your life.  Focus on what is going to bring peace and happiness in YOUR life regardless of what the Joneses think.  Get excited about feeling F R E E and the rest will come.  Trust me. :)


*By the way, this is a  picture of me and my daughter taken by my husband this evening  :)

F R E E D O M is F U N!


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7 responses to “Goodbye Joneses! Hello Freedom!

  1. Cindy

    So fantastic!! My husband and I experienced this very issue when we decided to sell our home. After prayer, discussion, and one more look at the budget, we knew what God was saying! “Get your house in order, and honor Me!”

    Many people questioned us. A dear, sincere, brother in Christ praised us for our obedience. Our families worried about us. But, we KNEW we were obeying Our True Provider. I have to say, it was fun to fend off those questions and not feel a bit of the “sting of judgement”!

    God has blessed our decision. We still have a ways to go on the road of discovery. But, with Christ as our guide, we WILL NOT fail!!

  2. Christy

    It takes a tremendous amount of courage to have that type of freedom. Pressures to succumb to “the norm” are everywhere in our society. Kuddos to you both for following your own path!

  3. Jana Fallin

    It is such fun reading about you and your life and your thoughts for others. I need to be more budget conscious. I’m trying to decide when to retire, sometime in the next 2 or 3 years probably. We are wanting to be good stewards of what we have, and that means good use of our money as well.

  4. Sharon Thielen

    Great posting. I have always been a believer in surrounding myself with people I respect, enjoy and who are great supporters so that I have the courage to do the things that may not be the “norm.” I often have to ask myself what kind of supporter am I to others. I am very blessed to work with awesome college students who are trying to learn about themselves and set future goals. I try to be a great supporter to them. It bring me joy to share a part of my life with others.

    Also, great photo!

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