Lara’s 6-Month Challenge….Become a trainer

As you know, Robynn and I are starting our 6-month challenges this week.  At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on.  I went through the normal list—be a better mom, save more money, exercise more often, etc.  It is easy to think of all the surface level stuff when wanting to ACCOMPLISH something (especially each new year!) but this time I’ve decided to dig a little deeper.

I have always been a worrier.  For as long as I can remember the devil has tried to make me anxious about something.  In this world that we live in, it is E A S Y to lose sleep over what people think,  losing our jobs, or getting diagnosed with cancer.  It becomes a vicious cycle and oh, so exhausting!

Over the years I have learned different ways to keep the devil on a diet.  He is constantly hungry for more chocolate as I am throwing him Slim-Fast bars as fast as I can.   Which brings me to my 6 MoNtH ChALLeNgE: continue to find the best way to keep my worried thoughts at bay. I realize that will be a lifetime struggle for me, but if I can find the tools to know how to control my thoughts, I can live my life with more JoY and keep the devil in the training room :)


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