{America, We Love You!!}

On this Memorial Day, we at Suede Sofa just want to say “ThAnK-YoU” to all the men and women who so selflessly serve.  You are true HeRoS!!  This song was inspired by and dedicated to you.  Thank you.



*This song was one of those items on my “Live-It” list (sort of like a bucket list, but with the emphasis on living each day to the full, rather than on dying).  If you want to read more of our posts on the “Live-It List” type in “live it” in our “Search the Sofa” box located on the upper-right hand side of this page.

All Because You Love Freedom

Verse 1:

You are my home

You have my heart

You are a light to the world

Men dream of you

Some even die

Defending you, laying down their life

All because you love freedom

You give hope to everyone, America

Verse 2:

God’s laid his hand

Upon your heart

It beats for truth

Justice for all

You give men dreams

Give ‘em wings to fly

So they become

What they were meant to be

All because you love freedom

You give hope to everyone, America


You understand that in the heart and soul

Of everyone there is a cry

It won’t be silenced, it won’t be denied

It’s the song of freedom

Verse 3:

Oh, we are strong

Because of you

You inspire us to live

For something more

Than ourselves

A greater cause for our fellow man

To leave a legacy

The way it was meant to be

Oh you’ve shown us the way, America

P.S.  Click here to read more about this song.

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3 responses to “{America, We Love You!!}

  1. AbSoLuTeLy PeRfEcT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sara

    Robynn, you are very talented!

  3. robynj , your song so sweet , friend, like i

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